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about me


about me

I was born in 1976 and grew up in Milicz, in south western Poland, a small town, located in the Barycz Valley Landscape Park and Milicz Fishponds Nature Reserve. 

Today, I live with my wife and our two daughters in Germany, close to Cologne. I like to be outside, especially for long walks in the forest with my dog. 

Photography is a part of my life since 30 years, sometimes more and sometimes less,

my first SLR was a Russian Zenit with M42 Helios lens, when I was fifteen.

Of course, I do digital photography now. 

In the end of 2020, I decided to connect my both passions, photography and nature. So I started to go out with my photo gear and not only with my dog :-) 

my gear

My next camera was a second hand Nikkormat FT2 with 28mm and 50mm Nikkor lenses. Since then, I’m a Nikon fan. 

Today, for nature photography, I use full frame DSLM cameras and several lenses between 14mm and 500mm, plus tele converter. Thanks to the VR (vibration reduction), I can do pictures handheld, but I also use a tripod or monopod. Maybe I will put a whole list of my gear and also accessories for nature photography here one day.

I hope you like my photos, the beauty of nature through my eyes. Leave a comment, drop a mail or follow me on Instagram if you like.


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